What does “Unified Communications” mean?

unified communication

What does “Unified Communications” mean?

More and more this term is thrown around in business circles. But just what does it mean? Unified communications is the real-time communication within your organization, across multiple locations. It can include instant messaging, telephones, smart phones, video conferencing, presence information, voice messaging, call control and even speech recognition. Some also include non-real-time communications like voicemail, email, fax and SMS.

So what does this mean to your business? Typically, improved employee productivity and mobility, even when out of the office. Communications can be sent from one medium and received by another. With the inclusion of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), phones can literally be plugged into any internet connection anywhere, and automatically perform just as in your office. Today’s VoIP phones are feature-rich and can be easily configured by each user.

How expensive are these systems? Typically, today’s unified communication systems are considerably less expensive than their older counterparts. Some systems do not even require upfront hardware investments. Unlike traditional hardware-based communication systems, today’s systems are software-based. That means they are both flexible and upgradable as new capabilities are introduced. Users can be added and changed easily.

What about cloud-based systems? At first blush, a cloud-based communication system seems counter-intuitive. In reality, putting the switches, intelligence, features, communication horsepower and data in a secure data center delivers tremendous benefits. This enables a consistent experience regardless of the access device (desk phone, desktop, smartphone). This truly provides a fully unified communication system.

So what are these benefits?  To list a few:

  • Turn any smartphone into an office phone – send calls anywhere and stay in touch with your business needs, even during a disaster.
  • Make calls directly from Microsoft Outlook – avoid misdialing by clicking on the number.
  • Users can update their configurations from anywhere – from a simple portal, employees can update call handling options and voicemail recordings.
  • Consistent communication experience across all office locations.
  • Security – corporate data and phone configurations are protected in highly secure data centers.
  • Feature-rich phone systems without CapEx – unlimited calling with all the latest features to stay connected with employees and customers, without the investment.
  • No maintenance contract – there’s nothing to maintain onsite since the system is maintained continuously professionally in a data center.
  • Dramatically lower your communications expense.

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