The Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum: A Hidden Gem

Nestled in the heart of America’s riverboat country, the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum is a hidden gem. The museum is housed in a former World War II submarine base and boasts a collection of over 50 historic vessels, including the famed WWII submarine USS Razorback. The museum is open to the public year-round and offers a variety of exhibitions and educational programs. Visitors can tour the submarine base, see the boats up close, and learn about the history of America’s inland waterways.  Learn information about North Little Rock, AR.

The Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum is a must-see for anyone interested in American history or riverboats. The museum is located in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The museum contains a variety of exhibits that highlight the maritime history of the Arkansas River. The museum also has a working shipyard where they restore and build traditional riverboats. The museum is a great place to learn about the history of the Arkansas River and the boats that have played its waters. The exhibits are well done, and the staff is very knowledgeable. The Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum is a hidden gem that is well worth a visit. Discover facts about A Hidden Gem: The Old State House Museum in North Little Rock.