Managed Detection and Response

Ensuring the IT systems of businesses in Central Arkansas and North Little Rock run smoothly with managed threat detection as well as providing a quick response in the event of a discovered threat.

Managed Detection & Response Services

Businesses in Central Arkansas and North Little Rock rely on the smooth running of their IT systems to keep operations running smoothly. Unfortunately, the increase of cyber threats every year, makes these businesses a target for cyber-attacks. A managed detection and response service is vital to protect these businesses’ networks from online threats and loss of data or potential customers due to downtime from an attack.

BizTek Connection has provided managed detection and response services to its clients in Little Rock and surrounding areas for decades. The company’s experienced security team uses the latest tools and threat intelligence to monitor IT systems for suspicious activity or unauthorized access. In the event of a discovered threat, Biztek Connection’s quick response ensures that the threat will be isolated and removed in order for the clients’ systems to return to functioning properly.

Enterprise Threat Protection

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With broad network visibility, 24×7 monitoring, and advanced threat detection, you’ll have a deeper understanding as well as a behavioral analysis of your average network activity. With this data, we will be able to recognize traffic spikes or detect potential threats.

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Respond & Isolate

When our systems detect threats, this will trigger an immediate response to contain the issue before any damage can take place. Upon investigation, we can ascertain whether or not that alert presents a threat to your organization and take action to remove it if necessary.

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Learn from mistakes and ensure they won’t reoccur by establishing unique guidelines and processes to strengthen your organization’s security against future attacks. If there has been a compromise in your data, we’ll work with you to recover any information that has been lost.


Managed Detection & Response vs. Managed Security Services?

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is frequently compared to Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) services. While they have several similarities, they also differ in several areas including technology and skill. MDR providers are generally more proactive and concentrate on threat detection, response, and threat research.

MSSPs, on the other hand, are designed to concentrate on vulnerabilities, incorporate firewalls, and send alerts for security threats but do not provide the level of extensive forensics or analytics as MDRs.

Try BizTek’s MDR Services for:

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Managed and secure firewalls

Proactively managed threat hunting

Intelligence-based detection of advanced threats

Integrated network security technology

Vulnerability management


Threat Hunting and Incident Response Benefits

Did you know that the number of cyber-attacks is rising each year? In order to protect your business, you need to have a comprehensive security strategy in place. That’s where managed detection and response comes in. Some of the many benefits of hiring an MDR include:


Exposing advanced threats Powerful malware and infection-related metrics are continuously monitored through a network of sensors. Advanced detection methods include proprietary threat intelligence, behavioral analytics, Network Traffic Analysis, and human threat investigations, and will reveal suspicious activity in your environment.


Stopping hackers in their tracks — We’ll immediately quash user and endpoint attacks by shutting down all points of the attacker’s access. After the hacker’s efforts have been thwarted, our security team will walk you through how to implement more comprehensive remediation and mitigation techniques based on your current systems.


Strengthening your security strategyProtection against a future security risk should be of the utmost importance. Security analysts can be a menacing force against hackers. With our detection and response team behind your company, it will improve your IT system’s overall efficiency, strengthen your defenses, and incite immediate response actions.

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Fraud Statistics

Did you know that although big companies are breached regularly, hackers will often try to attack small businesses? In fact, research shows that 43% of cyber attacks target small businessesJust because your business is small won’t prevent a spammer from trying to access your data or your client’s information.

Some Of The Technologies We Work With

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BizTek’s Detection & Response Process

At Biztek Connection, we understand the unique challenges that businesses face when it comes to their IT. That’s why we offer a full range of services to meet your needs, from consulting and planning to implementation and support. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure you get the most out of your technology investment.


Broad Visibility

We discover assets, as well as gather data and security event observations from a variety of sources. Our programs will work with your existing technology stack to identify and profile assets.

Advanced Threats

With a platform that collects more security data and a skilled staff that knows how to find them, you’ll be able to detect sophisticated breaches that other detection methods miss.


Managed Investigations

We research suspicious activities so you don’t have to. This will eliminate the problem of alert fatigue and time wasted on false positive investigations so you can stay productive.

Incident Response

Every second is important when it comes to security breaches. Within minutes of detecting and responding to security issues, we have the ability to prevent threats from spreading.


Source and Origin Analysis

To strengthen your overall security system, we dig deep into the source of problems to generate custom rules and workflows that will block threats and prevent their reoccurance.

Individualized Consultations

On a regular consulting basis, our security experts will evaluate your overall security state and identify areas for improvement that are tailored to your unique circumstances.

Cybersecurity Challenges BizTek’s MDR Solves

We understand the unique challenges that each North Little Rock business faces when it comes to their network security. Our comprehensive variety of security solutions will suit your needs, ranging from managed security services to network monitoring to ensure you get the most out of network services.


Progressive ThreatsToday’s IT and security teams find it even more difficult to identify new and current threats, which might result in severe damage to their organization.


Surging CostsMost businesses are unable to fund an entire Security Operations Center (SOC) to safeguard their operations, which is why this approach isn’t often used.


Shortage of ExpertiseThe difficulties of finding, training, and keeping experienced security staff has become a major problem for organizations of all sizes.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Talk with Roger Best for your IT needs.  He’ll monitor your system, see problems before you do, and keep you up and running rather than experiencing downtime. He can also hook you up with a great phone system for a small business.

Gayle Corley

To the entire BizTek crew… I do so appreciate the assistance with my malware problems. I am pretty knowledgeable when it comes to protecting my devices from attackers and felt that my computer was fairly well protected. However, I got hit and I felt seriously assaulted. Your support crew jumped on the problem and had me back in the saddle again in just a short time. Thanks for all your help.

Richard Goff

BizTek keeps me focused on what I need to be thinking of when we discuss internet security. I am aware of what needs to be done, they help me get there. I highly recommend them. Thanks.

Mike Miller

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Security Services

Managed Security Services

Biztek provides a comprehensive suite of managed security services that are designed to help protect organizations from cyber threats. Their services include 24/7 monitoring, vulnerability assessment and remediation, and incident response. Biztek’s team of experts is dedicated to helping clients stay safe online and avoid costly data breaches.

Catch a Threat Before it Becomes a Critical Issue!

New viruses and malware are being discovered on a daily basis. Will your current security measures be able to withstand an assault?

With BizTek’s Managed Detection and Response monitoring systems, you can rest assured that we are staying up to date and scanning for new malware. Our staff of experts will provide continual monitoring and vulnerability inspections so you don’t have to. To learn more about our security services and how we can help protect your organization, contact us now!