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BizTek Connection is proud to offer a wide range of network security solutions that can be tailored for each specific business. With our network monitoring system, you can keep your business in Little Rock safe and secure from any potential threats.

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The American Dream has always been to own your own business. As your company grows, your computer network security might not be on your list of the most important tasks. However, having a stable technological infrastructure in place with network security protection is critical for any modern company’s success.

Fortunately, there’s a trustworthy IT solution provider you can count on with all of your small business’s sensitive data! For decades, BizTek Connection has delivered network security solutions for countless businesses in central Arkansas.


Our Network Security Solutions

network monitoring

Network Monitoring

Experience a security system that constantly monitors your network for potential threats

network monitoring

Managed Detection & Response

Protect your data with a company that takes action to eliminate threats when they arrive

managed security

Managed Security Services

Maximize your protection with a customizable security solution to meet your specific needs


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Network Security

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is one of the most important aspects of a businesses’ ability to function and grow. Cybercriminals are constantly changing their tactics to access businesses’ sensitive information. By having a system in place that constantly monitors your network for any potential threats, you can spend less time worrying about the next attack and actually focus on running your business.

Finding valuable cyber security support doesn’t have to be stressful. BizTek Connection’s in North Little Rock has qualified technicians that specialize in network monitoring. Our comprehensive network monitoring solutions can easily be tailored to meet your company’s specific needs. With this system in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is always safe and secure and that we are actively monitoring for threats to your business, day and night.

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Network Security

Managed Detection & Response

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As long as there are computers, there will always be cyber threats and hackers trying to access your sensitive information. The vast majority of security software systems provide sub-standard protection and do not have the capability to fend off every attack. When it comes to your business’s network security, you can’t be too careful.

BizTek Connection offers its customers in Little Rock a variety of network security services. These include firewalls to prevent unauthorized access, spam blockers, data loss prevention, and antivirus software. We also provide support services to ensure that if someone does gain access to your network, our security team will be there to take swift action and put a stop to the assault.

Network Security

Managed Security Services

For all too many companies in and around Little Rock, it’s not until after a security breach has occurred that network security becomes a priority. An effective approach to cyber threats must be proactive and defensive. Cyber attackers are always increasing their hacking efforts and finding new ways to create data breaches in computer networks.

Their tactics to are to gain access through different types of malicious content, sometimes even under the guise of security services! If you are concerned about the status of your own business, Biztek Connection can provide you with the latest in network security solutions and ensure that you stay up-to-date with current security standards. Our team will work with you to create an effective network security strategy that will enable you to proactively protect your most valuable asset – your company’s data.

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Who Is BizTek Connection

BizTek Connection is a managed IT solutions provider with an office in North Little Rock. We provide reliable and affordable technology services to small businesses in the central Arkansas area. Our headquarters are located just off of John F Kennedy Blvd, across from Captain D’s.

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The Cyber Crisis for Business Owners

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Since we began our relationship with BizTek, they have gone out of their way to learn our network and how our environment interacts between all three of our dental locations. Not only is BizTek quick to respond when we have a technical or security issue, but I always feel confident that their professional team will have knowledge of the issue and find a solution in a timely manner.

John Akins
Bevans Pediatric Dentistry, P.A

To the entire BizTek crew… I do so appreciate the assist with my malware problems. I am pretty knowledgeable when it comes to protecting my devices from attackers and felt that my computer was fairly well protected. However, I got hit and I felt seriously assaulted. Your support crew jumped on the problem and had me back in the saddle again in just a short time. Thanks for all your help.

Richard Goff
Owner, Goff Distribution

At FirstStaff, we’ve long relied on Biztek to maintain our IT systems. Roger Best and his staff continuously perform above and beyond our expectations and meet our needs. We’ve been lucky enough to grow alongside Biztek and they’ve certainly earned our trust. We can testify that without an in-house security team, Biztek is the next best thing. Biztek receives our highest recommendation.

Mitzi Havens
Controller, FirstStaff, Inc.

Thanks for sending out superman. He handled 3 computers at one time. Can he play kazoo while playing accordion and drums? Thanks for having such a great employee!

Ray Imbro
Owner, Party Time Rental

BizTek keeps me focused on what I need to be thinking of when we discuss internet security. I am aware of what needs to be done, they help me get there. I highly recommend them.

Mike Miller
Owner, Miller and Company

BizTek is a great safety net to have. They are smart, quick, and professional. They sincerely want to help and will go out of their way to resolve your issues in a proficient manner.

Lauron Stewart
Business Manager, Stewart and Ray

Secure Your Network Today!

Is your business meeting today’s security standards? BizTek Connection is the leading provider of network security services in the North Little Rock community. We are committed to providing our customers with the finest security tools and threat protection possible so that that their business can run safely.

Our network monitoring system will help to identify potential security risks before they become a problem. Let us find an effective network security strategy that works for your business. Contact us today!