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IT Support For SMBs In Little Rock

The Problem

Technology holds a crucial place in business today. Unfortunately, as we’ve grown more dependent on modern technology and systems, IT failures are starting to directly impact our ability to do business. In some cases with catastrophic consequences. Without proper IT Support, you could really be in trouble.

Think about it, what happens when a server crashes at your office? Or your entire network goes down? You call a break-fix IT company where they try to determine the problem over the phone, and if that doesn’t work, they send a technician out to fix it – which tends to cost you quite a bit out of pocket. What happens while you’re waiting? Your business suffers. You can’t access records, process inventory, access financial data, the list goes on. While you might think of technology as secondary to your core business, the reality is, without it most companies would find themselves at a complete standstill. And as we all know, time is money.

Servers crash, disasters happen, and cyber threats are real. These are the reasons Manage IT Support Services becomes more popular every day, and partnering with a great IT support provider in Little Rock can save you time and money.

Server Crash and Recovery is Expensive

Every week 140,000 hard drives crash in the United States alone. Hard drive recovery, which may or may not work, can cost an estimated $7,500 per unit. That’s quite an expense!

Ransomware Attacks

A company is hit with ransomware every 40 seconds. All their files are encrypted and expected to pay a ransom to get them back. The number is expected to rise in 2018.

Downtime Cost

Downtime can lead to loss of revenue, productivity, essential data, and associated recovery costs. 44% of businesses estimate they could lose $10,000 or more during 1 hr of downtime.

IT Support For SMBs In Little Rock

The Solution

Managed IT support services in Little Rock and surrounding central Arkansas cities allow businesses to delegate their IT operations to an expert third-party organization that specializes in handling these responsibilities. We have developed ours so organizations have the benefit of depending on smooth running technology that allows you to be efficient at your core business while our staff takes care of your technology.

We take a proactive IT support approach by monitoring your network and systems to ensure your operations keep running smoothly 24-7 with a level of security that is unparalleled. Transform your technology into a low-cost strategic business advantage with us.

Managed IT Solutions- the solution

Proactive vs. Reactive

Because of our 24x7x365 Network Monitoring System, we can quickly remediate most issues before you know you have one- and before it develops into a more serious issue- reducing downtime to a minimum.

Fixed Monthly Cost

You can accurately predict your revenue and cost for IT expenses. Not only will that end up cheaper for your business, but also makes business growth planning much easier and more predictable.

Enhanced Security

You can rest knowing that your equipment is safe from ransomware, viruses, and data breaches. We think ahead and stay informed on the latest threats we need to protect our clients from.
Managed IT Services- support tech
Managed IT Services - support

Managed IT Services- hard drive

Premium IT Support Services In Little Rock AR

Our Technical Operations Center personnel are certified to support all of your Server, Desktop and Laptop Operating Systems, Tablets, Smartphones, Productivity Applications and Network-attached Devices and Hardware whether you’re in Little Rock or any other surrounding city in central Arkansas. IT support for businesses has never been this easy and cost-effective.

In addition, we support industry-specific software such as NextGen, Misys, Timeslips, Quickbooks, Peachtree, ProSystem Fx, Visio, Act, and many more. We also have a great selection of other IT Solutions and Business IT Solutions to chose from.

Need Help Now? Our Managed IT Support Services Are Here To Help – Just Pick Up The Phone

How much is it worth to your organization to receive help when you need it? Sometimes it is the difference between getting that task, project or bid completed on time, or missing your deadline. Face it – that equates to real dollars and cents. Call us today for fast, reliable support at 501-542-4241. Even if you don’t want to be a managed client, we can help you anytime. Give us a call.

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