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Why Do I Need A Remote Data Backup Service Plan?

Hard drive failure, intrusion hacking, ransomware, natural disaster; these are just a few things that can steal your business right out from under you. Nearly 40% of small businesses close after a disaster. And Let’s face it, at some point your data will be at risk. The question is when, not if. 

When it comes down to it, machines and hardware fail, humans make mistakes, nature is unpredictable, and customers expect you to be up and running when it’s convenient for them. If your organization is facing infrastructure issues and cannot get up and running in a timely fashion, these anxious customers could jump ship to a competitor.

An important component of your business continuity or disaster recovery strategy is the capability to back up and store your critical data to a secure offsite location. If you’re not doing that, then your business is in a dangerous position. All businesses need a remote data backup service plan.

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Did you know that 71% of tape restores fail? Are you still using one of these tape backup systems? You Could Still Lose Everything

Few things can hurt your business more than a full loss of your precious data assets

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Our Remote Data Backup Service Is The Answer

A managed remote data backup service is your best insurance policy and protection against any of the several threats mentioned above. It’s an essential component of your disaster recovery plan that you can’t afford to overlook.  We’ll take the worry out of protecting your sensitive data and provide peace of mind with our effective, tapeless backup solutions. Never lose sleep over it again.

Secured Backups

Our remote data backup service securely encrypts your data before it leaves your premises, and creates a backup sent automatically to our secure data centers. It’s ready when you need it.

Quick Recovery

When necessary, restoring files securely over the internet takes just a few mouse clicks, granting you the peace of mind to know your data is safe and easy to get to.

Easy Integration

Integrates with your current operating systems and software for a seamless, worry-free setup. Our experienced staff will take care of everything, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Enjoy Peace Of Mind

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Are There Other Advantages To A Remote Data Backup Service?

Full disaster recovery is just one of the great reasons to have a managed remote data backup service in place. We’ve all accidentally deleted files or saved over files we weren’t supposed to. And sometimes files become corrupted for seemingly no reason at all. So one of the more common uses of our backup service is that it protects our clients if they accidentally delete a file or they need a previous version of a file. Clients also frequently use backups to recover corrupted application configuration files. Whatever you need back, whenever you need it.

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