Exploring North Little Rock Main AR Attractions

North Little Rock, Arkansas, is a city overflowing with rich culture and historical attractions. From the thriving art scene and trendy boutiques to its outdoor spaces, there’s a little something for everyone in this charming city. Learn information about North Little Rock, AR.

Old Mill

The Old Mill, located in Burns Park, is one of the most renowned attractions in North Little Rock. Situated right next to the Arkansas River, the city is home to the only known water-powered grist mill operating in the United States. The Old Mill is a popular spot for photography or a picnic lunch. Discover facts about Dining Out In North Little Rock, AR: The Best Restaurants To Try.

William J. Clinton Presidential Center & Park

 It is a must-visit attraction in North Little Rock; the park is also home to an expansive botanical garden and a theatre with a fantastic view of the Arkansas River. The entire complex is available to rent for events like weddings or corporate receptions.

The Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum

For those interested in the area’s naval history, the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum is the ultimate destination. As the largest museum of its kind, it houses all sorts of World War II artefacts and memorabilia, including a USS Razorback submarine and actual naval vessels.

Burns Park

Burns Park offers plenty of activities for the outdoor enthusiast, like fishing and picnicking, as well as leisurely pursuits, such as playgrounds and golf courses. 

North Little Rock offers an exciting range of attractions for every visitor. Whether your interests lie in outdoor activities or museum tours, the North Little Rock main AR attractions guarantee a unique and enjoyable experience for all.