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Computer Protection Plans


Free In-Store Diagnosis and Estimate

NO CHARGE for in‐store computer diagnoses and estimates for contract customers, compared to $25 cost for customers without a Service Agreement. Save $25 per visit.

Performance Monitoring and Alert Service

A monitoring program installed into your computer will run 24/7 and monitor 247 different aspects of your computer system while the computer is in your home or business. Alerts will be sent to you by email once any possible computer problems are found. Thus you can take actions before they affect your normal computer use and prevent problems from getting worse. (This is non-intrusive monitoring and we cannot see anything you are doing on your computer or internet without your approval)

Patch Management and Software Updates

Once a week, we will run our patch management process to make sure that all Operating System Patches have been applied so your system is patched against all known attacks found by the Operating System publisher. We also update approximately 100 third-party applications to your system to keep them performing securely and efficiently. We will do all this in the background, without requiring reboots, without installing all the extra toolbars and extra junk and without any bother to you!

Weekly Computer Cleanup

Once a week, we will run our computer cleanup process.  This will ensure that your system is running at peak performance.  During this process we will remove temporary files, defragment your hard drive when necessary and will run spyware scans.  We will schedule this process to run when you are not using your computer.

Monthly Reports sent via e-mail

Every month you will receive a report explaining any repairs or errors that we have found and fixed.

Find your lost computer via tracking system

If your computer is stolen, after you notify us, we will start the asset tracking procedure. Once the lost computer is on‐line, it will send us its IP address and we will be able to submit the information to law enforcement to get your computer back.  This assumes that the stolen computer is not reformatted and does connect to the Internet at least once after it is stolen.

Anti-Virus/Spyware Service

Anti-Virus and Spyware software is included at no additional charge. ($69.00 savings) We will make sure the anti‐virus software is working and up‐to‐date. We will proactively monitor your computer for any viruses, spyware and mal‐ware activities. We will attempt to remove them before they impair or damage your computer system.

Preventive Maintenance Service

We will perform preventive maintenance on your computer to keep it running at peak performance and minimize slowdowns and software failures due to Windows corruption.

Free Virus Removal

If you get a virus while on our service, we will remove the virus(s) remotely for free. If we cannot remove it remotely, you can bring in your computer to our office and we will remove it at no charge.

Limited Help Desk

We will run scans to search for viruses and spyware weekly.  If you feel like you have a virus or have a question about a virus we can answer your questions

Unlimited Help Desk support

We will help you fix any problems that you are having remotely.  Just make a ticket via icon and we will remote into your computer and fix any errors or issues that you are experiencing.  Or if you have a question on how to do something we can help!

In-Store Service

If we are not able to fix the problem remotely we will have you bring your computer into the store and fix the issues at no charge.  (Hardware replacement only included in Platinum level)

Software Problem Phone Support

We also provide unlimited support for your Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. For unsupported programs: $60 per hour labor cost; 1 hour minimum.

Offsite Data Backup

When a flood, fire or burglary happens, only an Offsite Backup can save you. By using our Off‐site Backup Service, your data will be transferred to our off‐site backup server through your high-speed internet connection. So when disasters happen, we will have a safe copy for you. If your service plan does not include this service the price to add it is $9.99/month. (Additional fee for USB drive or DVD of files) (20 Gb max storage)

*Maximum age of motherboard in a computer is Intel LGA 775 or AMD AM2.  Age is to be determined by BizTek Connection, Inc.  The Operating System must be Microsoft Vista, Win 7/8/10.

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