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What Makes Us Unique

BizTek Connection, Inc. is one of fewer than 100 firms globally that are certified in Profit First.  What this means is that in addition to our direct experience guiding clients to higher profits, we additionally have access to the other accountants, bookkeepers and Profit First experts who have collectively addressed every type of profit challenge. We will have or find the answer for any profit question you face.

You should expect excellence in all of your business relationships, especially with us.  We have been entrusted with  supporting our clients and all of their IT related needs, whether it’s desktop/server support or high-end project management for more than 30 years now.  We added “Profit First” to our service offerings since it represent the perfect complement to our client’s needs – a always on, reliable infrastructure that supports your business functions, including bottom line profitability

We Are Exclusive

We are the ONLY Profit First certified IT services company in Arkansas!  Simply put, we have “baked in” to our service methods the end goal to consistently increase your profits, utilizing the Profit First Method. Everything we do will consider and help drive your profitability. No other IT company we are aware of does the same.

We Take Our Own ‘Medicine’

We utilize the Profit First method of cash management ourselves. We use Profit First to constantly improve our financial health.  It goes without saying, you should always expect the companies that you do business with to use the exact method that they employ with you, their client.  We do exactly that!

Quick Start

Our process of maximizing your profits takes effect literally upon engaging our services.  We will provide you with the Profit First methodology that will increase your profitability by your next deposit. There is no stretched, long consultative process or recommendations report that will sit on your shelf. In additional to making sure your IT infrastructure all performing at optimal levels, we guide you through a few simple enhancement to your cash management and you will be increasing your profitability from day one.

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The Profit First method has proven to be 100% successful for anyone that stays 100% consistent in working with the method. Sticking with the system, by yourself, is hard.  We integrate a quarterly check-in with you to ensure your IT systems are working as expected, driving your efficiencies and increasing your profitability. And we help you navigate any challenges that come your way.  We also have made available monthly profit masterminds (Profit Pods) in which you can keep yourself, and your peers accountable to your business and profit objectives.

And, to top it all off, the creator of Profit First, Mike Michalowicz, is part of our advisory team.  What more could you want from an IT company?

As they say, “the proof is in the pudding”.  Email (or call) me for a free profit first maximizer session.  We’ll assess where you stand now, and give you the actions that you can immediately use to grow your profits.  The service is completely free!  Why?  Because we are confident you will be so impressed by what we can do for you, you’ll want to work with us going forward.

Profit First Certified

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