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Learn about what makes us tick as a business and what keeps us driving forward to meet the needs of our clients

Meet Your Last Best Technology Partner

MSPs are the backbone of the technology world. Without them, businesses would grind to a halt as employees would be unable to access email or the internet. MSPs provide the necessary support and infrastructure for companies to function and grow. But not all MSPs are created equal. Some are better than others, and it is important to find an MSP that is the right fit for your business.

Our Vision

BizTek Connection is dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service, ensuring that their networks are always safe and secure. We proudly stand behind our work and our team of experts is available to resolve any questions or problems that may arise.

Our Company Mission

We strive to provide the best in Managed IT Services in Little Rock and understand your need for a reliable and secure network. Our team of experts is here to make sure that your needs are met and we will do whatever it takes to make sure your business runs smoothly.

Our Story

Where We’ve Been

BizTek Connection first became a new legal entity in 2007, but we started a similar company back in 2001, under a different name and tax entity, which grew to become BizTek Connection. Our primary goal was to serve all the technology needs of small businesses owners like yourself, because we started ourselves as a small business. Looking back, what we did then was miniscule compared to the growth in technology requirement that even small businesses face today. We take pride in the fact that we understand the needs of small businesses. Not all small businesses need all the latest technologies in order function and protect their interests. We evaluate each businesses needs and tailor a solution to meet those needs.

Where We’re Going

Our team dedicates ongoing educational time to stay on top of the threats that confront business owners today, so you can trust we are prepared with the perfect solution to mitigate against any threats. We regularly attend industry events and participate in mastermind groups to learn from our peers and learn what has been working best in similar environments. Keeping your computers and networks up and running requires far more than making sure that your computers are running as they were intended. It also requires a deep knowledge of current Cyber Security threats and how to protect against them. We are committed to the success of the technologies you use to run your company, while helping you maintain a profitable bottom-line.
You are in business to be profitable, so it’s our goal to partner with you to make sure your technology supports your business needs.


Find The Right IT Partner For Your Business

If your company is plagued with recurring computer issues but you don’t know who to trust to repair them correctly and make everything operate properly, I have the answer you’ve been seeking.

My name is Daron Plummer, Jr., and I am the CEO of BizTek Connection. What sets us apart is that we promise to make technology simple for you. This includes assuring 60-minute or less response times and resolving issues rather than blaming your ISP, software vendor, or other external problem. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

I’m amazed at how many IT businesses get it wrong. If you’re fed up with your current IT company because they are frequently unreliable, don’t keep promises, don’t take responsibility, and offer really poor service overall, we’re here to help.

Daron Plummer Jr. CEO

Daron Plummer Jr., CEO


What Our Clients Are Saying:

"Since we began our relationship with BizTek, they have gone out of their way to learn network and how our environment interacts between all three of our dental locations. Not only is BizTek quick to respond when we have a technical issue, but I always feel confident that their professional team will have knowledge of the issue and resolve it in a timely manner."

John Akins | Director of Operations, Bevans Pediatric Dentistry, P.A.

"Thanks for sending out superman. He handled 3 computers at one time. Can he play kazoo while playing accordion and drums? Thanks for having such a great employee!"

Ray Imbro | Owner, Party Time Rental and Events

"We enjoy working with BizTek Connection. The IT technicians are nice, friendly and very helpful. They monitor our systems and call us if there is any problems. They also go on the back side and fix any issues they fine and we never lose service. Thanks so much."

Nickie Fite | Office Manager, International Testing & Inspection Services

"We have found BizTek to be a tremendous help with fixing our computers as well as preventing disturbances in our software throughout our daily functions. When they first came in to our office, the first thing that was noticed right away was incredible costumer service. Roger Best came and gave us a free consultation and network evaluation. He was extremely knowledgeable with both network and computers, as well as with the software we use. He was able to convey to us the problems that were occurring within our office and how to solve them. It was very easy to comprehend what he was telling us, without all the computer “lingo” that is sometimes a bit difficult to understand. One of the greatest thing about BizTek is every time they are working on something, we receive a “ticket” that sums up exactly what is going on. The results that BizTek have given us have been great. We recommend BizTek to any work place that needs help with the use of technology in their office."

Samantha Miser | Office Manager, Chenal Valley Dental

"Thanks for sending your engineer to our rescue! He is amazing. Fixed our problem in lightning fast time, answered all of my questions and was out the door. Very nice, professional and competent young man who deserves a raise (or at least a pat on the back). Looking forward to our continued business relationship."

Suzanne Jaco | Jaco Sales

"At FirstStaff, we’ve long relied on Biztek to maintain our IT systems. Roger Best and his staff continuously perform above and beyond our expectations and meet our needs in a professional and prompt manner. Biztek understands that businesses depend on technology as a core function of day-to-day activities. They recognize that our productivity is tied to the dependability of our network. We’ve been lucky enough to grow alongside Biztek and the level of trust they’ve earned is unparalleled. We can testify that without an IT staff, Biztek is the next best thing. Biztek receives our highest recommendation."

Mitzi Havens | Controller, FirstStaff, Inc.

"BizTek keeps me focused on what I need to be thinking of when we discuss technology. I am aware of what needs to be done, they help me get there. I highly recommend them."

Mike Miller | Owner, Miller and Company, PLLC

"It’s a great safety net to have BizTek in your corner. They are smart, quick, and professional. They sincerely want to help and will go out of their way to resolve your issues in a proficient manner. They’re just the kind of business partner every business needs."

Lauron Stewart | Business Manager, Stewart and Ray, PLLC

Who We Are

Our Team

Darren Plummer

Darren Plummer


Roger Best

Roger Best


Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor

Lead Technician

When Not to Hire an IT Technician:

Hiring an IT Service Provider who is only there to fix a problem instead of finding the underlying issue could do much more harm than good to your systems. It is not enough to hire someone who can fix your technology and get you back up and running.

The best IT person will identify the root of the trouble, find a solution, and then work with you to implement that solution. They will make sure that your system is set up for success by identifying which essential apps and add-ons are compatible. This will help ensure that any changes made to the system will transition smoothly when upgrading software in the future. Don’t hire an IT technician if they can’t answer these questions.

We’re Human Too

Working with an IT company doesn’t have to be a stressful or stiff experience. Friendliness is one of the most important traits in business – especially if they’re people you deal with day to day. We are human after all and connection is important to us too. We understand that it’s these traits that make us stand out, and we’re grateful to have such a great crew. We believe that by being open and sincere with our clients, we can create lasting relationships that are built on trust.

Problems with IT?

Hiring a Managed Service Provider in Little Rock may be the solution you’re searching for. Fill out our form or call us right now if you like what we do and want to learn more about our services.