5 Things You Need To Know About Cloud Services

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5 Myths about “The Cloud”

During the past few years, we have seen a definite uptick among central Arkansas businesses taking advantage of “the cloud”. In the US, over 72% of all businesses have already adopted the cloud to some degree. Of those, 82% have saved money by making the switch; and 80% have recognized improved processes and productivity.

The term “cloud” is used so broadly that it is difficult to grasp the concept. This causes much confusion about the cloud and how it could improve their business. So we thought we would help you better understand the cloud, and how it can improve your business.

Myth #1: Today’s cloud is like the Wild West, with few controls and security.

While there are hundreds of cloud providers, they fall into 3 categories: public, private and hybrid (a combination of the two). Examples of public cloud are Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive.  These provide an economical place to store data, but you have no control over it, or where the data is stored.  Private cloud provides the opportunity to have much greater control of your data. Most businesses utilize the private cloud for maximum security and support.

Myth #2: The cloud is the reason so many businesses are getting hacked.

Businesses are being hacked because they are struggling to keep up with hackers that are constantly searching for security holes to pillage.  Without an equally vigilant data security team, this is a losing battle. The right private cloud provider is far more likely to maintain enterprise-class security that will minimize chances of a breach.  Today’s typical small- to medium-sized businesses’ security can be no match for today’s hackers.

Myth #3: My company’s data is more secure under my own lock and key.

Even with proper backup disaster recovery plans, firewalls, and anti-virus/anti-spam solutions, it is difficult to afford the level of security available from a reputable cloud provider. Typically they utilize multiple, mirrored data centers for redundancy. They employ around-the-clock professionals to manage their security and monitor all systems. They have redundant internet providers, backup power supplies, and access controls.

Myth #4: My systems will be slower if I am accessing data in the cloud.

With today’s bandwidth and data transfer technologies, you will not likely notice any data latency. In some cases, your systems may even run faster. Many businesses today not only maintain their data in the cloud but utilize computer processing in the cloud as well.  Rather than purchasing and maintaining their own processing power, they rent it from a cloud provider.  This provides improved processing speed that more than overcomes any latency during data transfer.

Myth #5: Making the move to the cloud is traumatic for my daily business processes.

Choosing the right cloud provider is key to a smooth transition. It is their business to assure that the transition is almost transparent to all users with little interruption to normal business processes.

Fact: BizTek can provide customized recommendations for your business to maximize the benefits of the cloud.