Writing Unique Content is a High Priority for SEO

Unique content should be in the top two or three on your list of High Priority items for you web site.  Unique content is not only an important issue for SEO but an equally important issue for your site visitors.  You need to provide content that has different, fresh information than you might find on other sites, or other Web page. A fresh approach will win readers so don’t just restate the accepted views… I hate to use an already over used phrase, but “Think Outside the Box” whenever possible.  

Unique content can be a fairly simple process if you’re familiar with the topic on which you are writing and, hopefully, you are very familiar with the topics related to your business.  Although some people are not good writing or simply do not like to write, while others don’t have the time and inclination to do so.  Regardless of which category on which you fall, it’s important that you make sure that what you put on your web site is original (as in, not plagiarized, at a minimum) and, better yet, unique and interesting enough to cause the search engines to take note and your readers to want to read more.  


It’s important to have unique content because search engines don’t like websites with duplicate content.  Using plagiarized information can not only cause you problems with the search engines, but it may also lead to issues with the original writer/owner of the content. If you are not good at, or don’t particularly like to write, there are other options.  Just click the “Contact Us” link and request the info and I’ll let you know about those options.

Finally, good quality, original content builds credibility.  Your readers will see that your content is unique and that you know what you’re talking about.  All-in-all, this can position you as a trusted authority on a topic and increased the odds that your readers will purchase from you, or come back again when they are looking for something related to the topics you cover on your site.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this area.  Feel free to chime in!


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